If you had one question to ask a person living with dementia, what would it be?

Recently, I had a brief but poignant exchange with Norman McNamara, founder of The Purple Angel, a worldwide movement to raise awareness of dementia. Oh yeah... and he also happens to have a diagnosis of dementia.

He posed this question to his LinkedIn followers:

If you had ONE question to ask a person LIVING WITH DEMENTIA "What Would it BE?

Surprising to no-one, I asked:

How can I best communicate with you?

Norman replied:

By speaking clearly and coherently sitting next to me and not standing over me xx

Thank you, Norman, for taking the time to respond, and for providing such a clear and reasonable direction for all of us who strive to communicate better with people with dementia.

What would your question be? Why not ask Norman?!


As a part of his advocacy work, Norrms has written a book (which I will, of course, review at a later date) and has starred in a delightful short film.

Jessica Young