Finding like-minded researchers!!- on ICCA2018

They come in all shapes and sizes, speak many different languages, yet share a way of seeing the world. In their everyday lives, they blend in well with their surroundings and pass as ‘normal’ members of their respective societies. But get them alone, and they will use odd words and phrases like ‘intersubjectivity’, ‘recipient design’ and ‘doing being’ without explanation. Their ears prick up at any mention of the names ‘Sacks’, ‘Schegloff’ or ‘Jefferson’. And they are often found repeatedly asking each other the question, ‘why that now?’ They also happen to love a silent disco. Every 4 years, they gather. Their most recent gathering was known as ICCA-18.

A little while ago, in my very first blog post, I wrote about my search for community. Pursuing my passion for looking at the fine-grained detail in how humans interact, I recently attended the International Conference on Conversation Analysis (ICCA-18) at Loughborough University in the UK... and I think I may have found my people! See the link below to a contribution that I made to the Research on Language and Social Interaction (ROLSI) journal blog:

Two reports on ICCA2018 in Loughborough

In the post, I talk about the use of live-tweeting at conferences... something very new to me!


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